What can I say about Tori! He is such a wonderful person and such an inspiration to our son Xander! Back in the spring, Xander began working with Tori on his speed and agility! Not only has he helped Xander with his speed and footwork but has inspired Xander to work hard in life with baseball, school and the community! If Xander is struggling with anything, all I have to do is call Tori and he speaks with Xander to encourage him! Tori takes time to give Xander the right messages to keep him on the right path! My husband and I can’t say enough about this young and the impact he has had on our son!


During the summer of 2018, Coach Tori worked with my 9 year old grandson and aspiring quarterback, Ben, on his conditioning and other fundamental skills.  He was very attentive to the needs of his student and very good at assessing, coaching and encouraging him to strive for excellence.   He was always very timely in our training sessions and showed a high degree of integrity, creativity and a strong work ethic. I also had the opportunity to see Tori working and speaking with other young men at the practice facility and found him to be very personable, professional and dedicated to helping and encouraging young people be successful not just in sports but in goal setting, leadership and the lessons that sports teaches to enable success in life.  Ben really enjoyed working with Coach Tori and enthusiastically looked forward to each session.   At the end of the Summer, Ben had grown significantly as an individual and in his appreciation for self improvement and the value of working hard to achieve one’s goals.  I believe that Tori’s work with him made a significant difference and view Tori as a true leader  who has much to offer our young people, and expect that he will continue to be a positive influence in their lives.    Thus, I highly recommend his consideration for any opportunities to work with our young folk as a coach, teacher, mentor and role model.


One of the things that has impressed me the most is how Tori goes above and beyond for Holden. As soon as we knew Holden was supposed to be the starting center (and 7th graders don’t normally start, so this was a big deal), we texted Tori and within a minute, the phone was ringing. l handed the phone to Holden and I could hear Tori on the other end. He was literally as excited as Holden was. Tori would call during the football season to check on how things were going. He asked us to send him videos so that he could see where they needed to do more work. And, after the team lost their Championship game, Tori was calling. With me, he was asking about how Holden was taking the loss, but when he talked to Holden, they discussed using this experience to learn and grow in life and in football and how to use this disappointment to focus on next year. That night, Holden hung the 2nd place medal on his bathroom mirror so that every day, he looks at it and channels it to becoming better.

 Tori has been patient with Holden and is always encouraging. Even when he has to point out mistakes, Tori will do so in a manner that is constructive. He is easygoing but has always been professional with us. We know from his actions that helping others is very important to him. We are extremely blessed to have found someone like Tori to mentor our son.


Tori is by far the best coach and biggest football asset I have ever had. He always makes me re-evaluate every piece of my game and help me perfect it. There is not a person out there who is better suited to get you where you are trying to go than Tori. Not only will he make sure you get an amazing workout every session, but he is genuine, honest, and has your best interest at heart. Through his connections, I was able to not only meet, but pick the brain of the best of the best, while consistently having access to all of the tools I needed to reach my goal of playing professional football. I highly recommend Coach Tori for anyone that is serious about improving their game and bringing it to the next level, but also for recruitment and helping you get in front of the right people to prove you belong among the best players in the country.


During our first encounter with Mr. Gurley we admired his down-to earth demeanor and his ability to connect with our boys.  Both our children had had bad experiences in the previous year in their sport of choice, even to the point where they had lost interest and the love of the game. Mr. Gurley worked tirelessly to instill self-esteem, confidence and the ability to adapt during tough workouts.  Our boys have completed their first year of JV level football where they were both selected as starters and excelled at their positions. 

These are the intangibles we have seen in Mr. Gurley and when you meet him, you will understand how he can be an asset to your organization.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr. Gurley in any endeavor he chooses to pursue.  He will set the example and be a positive asset to those he mentors.


We just wanted to thank you for your help with our son Brandon. The time you have taken out of your busy schedule to help work with him speaks volumes to your character and the type of person that you are. You have helped him mentally and physically, on and off the field. The fact that you are truly invested in the kids that you work with is evident, and the impact that you make is easy to see. We appreciate all that you do, and are glad to have gotten to know you. Keep up the great work you are doing as we know it will continue to provide a positive impact to so many more people. We wish you all the best!


Mr. Gurley acted as a positive role model for Lukas in terms of his punctuality, his work ethic as well as his words of wisdom and encouragement. Mr. Gurley was also very accommodating, working around our scheduling conflicts as well as being able to fulfill training requests on short notice and holidays. Additionally, prior to meeting Coach Tori, Lukas was reserved and lacked self confidence at times. Today, Lukas is a Straight A student, has more friends, has become a Captain on his football team and now beginning to really express his personality.

My wife and I are extremely grateful for that transformation and the work that Mr. Gurley has done with Lukas.